ARTISTS' COOKBOOK under Lockdown


家にいながらアートを楽しむための「MAM デジタル」コンテンツから、Facebookで16万以上の"いいね"を集めた好評プロジェクト「アーティスト・クックブック by MAM」が書籍になりました。


Initially as part of “MAM Digital” content facilitating people to enjoy art while at home, the “ARTIST COOKBOOK BY MAM” project was launched primarily on social media in May 2020 but it had quickly become one of our most popular projects to date, receiving more than 160,000 “likes” on Facebook. By popular demand, the project in its entirety is now published in print as a book!
It features photos, drawings and stories behind the artists’ original recipes sent to us during the pandemic from all over the world. The list of contributing artists includes Ai Weiwei, Shiota Chiharu, and Sopheap Pich.

Supervised and Edited by: Mori Art Museum
Size: B5 size(Softcover)
Number of Pages: 144
Published by: SAYUSHA CO., LTD.

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